Nipun Mehta
Posted 03/28/2006 12:11:45 PM PDT

Hi Doug, I'm writing as a coordinator of, after having chanced upon the inspiring site you made for climbing Mt. Rainier for clean air! First, thank you for sharing your inspiration online. You will be surprised how many people (like myself) get motivated simply by knowing that there are people out there, like you. We have featured your site in our "spotlight" page off the home page: Second, thank you for using PledgePage. We recently upgraded our main site and before we do the next rounds of upgrades, wanted to see what features our users would appreciate. So, if you any thoughts on that, do drop us a note from our site. Lastly, if you have any stories that have been possible because of PledgePage, we'd love to hear about it since it would deeply encourage and inspire volunteers on our team. Thank you for standing for something positive in this world. In the spirit of service, Nipun Mehta PledgePage Team Volunteer